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The Most Advanced
Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles

From warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing, medical to other challenging environments, OMRON Mobile Robots are designed to be highly versatile in receiving, transporting and delivering materials or goods.

Smart Mapping and Navigation

Equipped with patented Acuity technology, OMRON Mobile Robots have robust self-navigation system for operations in any dynamic environment - even when there’s constant movement of people, pallets, carts and forklifts, and while shelves are being emptied and restocked.

How It Works

It identifies overhead lights and overlays the “light map” with the “floor map”, making it navigate easily especially across wide-open areas in large warehouses.

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Safe To Work Along People

Laser Detection

Our mobile robots are fully safety compliant*. They’re equipped with on-board intelligence and sensors to avoid obstacles and choose the best path to complete a task.


  1. Safety Rated Main Laser
  2. Lower Laser
  3. Side Lasers (Patented)
  4. Front Bumper
  5. Rear Sonar
  6. Rear Laser

Based on the speed of travel, it will trigger an emergency stop to prevent vehicle collision. This intelligent movement makes them safe to operate alongside people as collaborative machines.

*Safety standards: ISO 12100, ISO 14121-2, ISO 13849-1, IEC 61010 (battery only), IEC 60950 (battery only), EN 1525, ANSI B56.5 Part 3, JIS D 6802, IEC 60204

Fleet Management With
Adept Enterprise Manager

When multiple AIVs operate within an area, it requires a robust management system capable of supervising the fleet and interfacing with the operational environment and its associated infrastructure, in order to achieve high efficiency.

Introducing Adept Enterprise Manager, it is a network appliance that provides coordination of mobile robots, material tracking, job allocation and traffic control across the entire fleet.

Transport Request (Job) Allocation

Distributes across multiple mobile robots by selecting the best vehicle to perform the job.

Optimizes traffic flow of vehicles.

Single point of contact for integration with factory systems (MES, WMS, ERP, etc).

PC-based software user interface to manage the robot or the fleet.

A fleet of
Mobile Robots working in action

See How The AIV Fleet Operates

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OMRON Mobile Robot navigating without waiting for path to clear

OMRON Mobile Robot navigating based on features of a facility

Centralized fleet management system
for job dispatchment

Programming and setting up
of OMRON Mobile Robot

OMRON Mobile Robot stopping
for unplanned path obstacle

OMRON Mobile Robot detecting and navigating around people

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