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Portable Power Monitor


Whenever needed, you can identify the level of electricity consumption immediately at your worksite.

This single unit solves all the problems you have with power checking at your worksite!

You can rely on it for your energy saving activity.

Many of the currently used power meters are not suitable for easily measuring power of a variety of machines and distribution boards. As a result, the electric power of a great number of machines in worksites is left unmeasured.
Our Portable Power Monitor ZN-CTX21 solves such problems. It is the industry's first "portable power monitor for energy-saving activities at the worksite."
It is "usable for anyone" "with ease" and indicates measurements "on site" immediately.
This new concept-based Portable Power Monitor ZN-CTX21 will make a great contribution to energy-saving activities at the worksite.

ZN-CTX / CTM Features 2

Five Types of Dedicated CT units for Various Applications

Clamp type CT is added to the lineup.

Four types of split type CTs and a clamp type CT (200A) configure the lineup.
The clamp type CT provides easy measurement in locations that are difficult for CTs of other types.

ZN-CTX / CTM Features 4

Power Consumption Checkup covers Devices to Distribution Boards

Changing the number of CTs connected to the branch cable enables measurement of single-phase 3-wire, three-phase 3-wire (unbalanced voltages in three-phase system) and three-phase 4-wire, too.

ZN-CTX / CTM Features 5

Checkup at the Time and Behavior to Watch Out for

Display of cumulative electric power (equivalent value)

When logging is started, the upper space displays the time and the lower space displays cumulative electric power (equivalent value). In this way, you can check electric power used from the start to the end of logging.You can set the logging conditions not only from the buttons but also by specifying the starting time or elapsed time.

ZN-CTX / CTM Features 7

Standby Electricity is also not Overlooked

Automatic range selection function

Our product is capable of measuring minute electric current that has been immeasurable by existing models. This feature enables you to check electricity consumption of a machine on standby.

ZN-CTX / CTM Features 9