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Long Electrodes

FAQ No. FAQ00755

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Is it possible to cut Electrodes? Also, do you sell any long Electrodes?


Electrodes are sold in 1-m increments.

Electrode (F03-01)

There are threads at both ends so it can be cut in half and used as two Electrodes. The threads (M6) have been created by rolling; you cannot cut a new thread.

When the required length of Electrode is more than 1 m, connect two Electrodes with a connecting nut and two lock nuts.

If the Electrodes are too long, it may cause problems with strength and handling. Cable-type Electrodes (PH) or Electrode Bands are more suitable.

ApplicationModelFeatures and application examplesOperating temperature
Distance to the
water surface
is long (one-pole)
For a deep-well pump or anywhere there is
accumulation of dirt and lime deposits, use
a few electrodes together.
Maximum cable length is 100 m.
Vinyl cable: -10 to 60°C
Hypalon cable: -30 to 70°C
Distance to the
water surface
is long (two-pole)
Use in application where the distance to the
water surface is long, such as a deep-well
pump or a submerged pump.
Suspend a few pairs to mark the upper and
lower limits.
Maximum cable length is 100 m.
Vinyl cable: -10 to 60°C
Hypalon cable: -30 to 70°C

Always use lock nuts so that Electrodes don't become loose.


Water inside the water tank may appear still even when it is actually flowing. This can cause considerable pressure on Electrodes, so make sure that they are secured properly. Also, sometimes the rods may bend from the force of the water. For applications involving tap water, use separators.