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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Solid State Relays


Extremely Thin Relays Integrated with Heat Sinks

Model Number Structure

Model Number Legend

G3PA Lineup 2

Ordering Information

List of Models

Model Isolation Zero cross 
Indicator Rated output load Rated input 
G3PA-210B-VD-X Phototriac
Yes Yes 10 A at 24 to 240 VAC 5 to 24 VDC
G3PA-220B-VD-X 20 A at 24 to 240 VAC
G3PA-240B-VD 40 A at 24 to 240 VAC
G3PA-260B-VD 60 A at 24 to 240 VAC
G3PA-420B-VD 20 A at 200 to 400 VAC 12 to 24 VDC
G3PA-430B-VD 30 A at 200 to 400 VAC
G3PA-420B-VD-2 20 A at 200 to 480 VAC
G3PA-430B-VD-2 30 A at 200 to 480 VAC
G3PA-450B-VD-2 50 A at 200 to 480 VAC

Note: When ordering, specify the rated input voltage.

Replacement Parts

Name Carry 
Load voltage 
Model Applicable SSR VDE 
Power Device 
10 A 19 to 264 VAC G32A-A10-VD-X DC5-24 G3PA-210B-VD DC5-24
G3PA-210B-VD-X DC5-24
20 A G32A-A20-VD-X DC5-24 G3PA-220B-VD DC5-24
G3PA-220B-VD-X DC5-24
40 A G32A-A40-VD DC5-24 G3PA-240B-VD DC5-24
60 A G32A-A60-VD DC5-24 G3PA-260B-VD DC5-24
20 A 180 to 440 VAC G32A-A420-VD DC12-24 G3PA-420B-VD DC12-24
30 A G32A-A430-VD DC12-24 G3PA-430B-VD DC12-24
20 A 180 to 528 VAC G32A-A420-VD-2 DC12-24 G3PA-420B-VD-2 DC12-24
30 A G32A-A430-VD-2 DC12-24 G3PA-430B-VD-2 DC12-24
50 A G32A-A450-VD-2 DC12-24 G3PA-450B-VD-2 DC12-24

Other Units (Order Separately)

Units that Enable 2-line Switching of 3-phase Power

Name Current flow Model Applicable SSR
Short-circuit Unit 10 A G32A-D20 G3PA-210B-VD-X
20 A G3PA-220B-VD-X, G3PA-420B-VD,
30 A G32A-D40 G3PA-430B-VD, G3PA-430B-VD-2
40 A G3PA-240B-VD

Note: Refer to List of Certified Models for a list of products that comply with safety standards.