Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Production Facilities

Strategically implementingfor On-Site Enhancement of Cutting-Edge Technologies.

At OMRON, we are always creating new cutting-edge production solutions founded on the i-Automation! concept, but the solutions that we actually provide to our customers must be further refined for effectiveness and usability. Our control device production factories conduct high-mix low-volume production and multi-product, variable-volume production, both of which can be quite difficult. To add to the complexity, each factory has its own designated role within the OMRON production network, which means that each factory faces its own distinct issues. The Ayabe and Kusatsu Factories, located in Japan, strategically implement advanced production technologies suited to the items they produce and the factories themselves. This gives us the opportunity to smooth off any rough edges and make these technologies more applicable to actual production facilities before delivering them to our customers across the world.

Ayabe Factory

Unlocking the full potential of on-site workers through curated automation and skill-less operation.

Kusatsu Factory

Integrating advanced technologies and human on-site capabilities for improving productivity and Dbl.pph-level board mounting quality.