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Industrial Automation

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Comprehensive solutions for digital devices. Fast, flexible, and tailored to your business.

With an innovative solution that provides ultra-fast output, OMRON is ready to support your semiconductor and electronics manufacturing needs. With Automation and customised algorithms, we will help improve control accuracy, nanometre positioning, and flexibility. As a global leader, we specialize in EtherCAT solutions that comply with SECS / GEM standards, helping to better support the most demanding applications while maintaining the highest possible level of security in our manufacturing network. If high-tech manufacturing solution is what you are looking for, we would love to hear from you.

Integrated robotic solutions for materials transport

OMRON’s LD Series mobile robots are Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles (AIVs) that dramatically increase productivity in manufacturing and logistics operations. This unique solution boosts throughput, reduces machine dwell time, eliminates errors and improves material traceability.

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OMRON Mobile Manipulator in Semiconductor & Electronics

Robotics Solutions in 

Semiconductors & Electronics Industry

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