Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Achieve A Breakthrough In Your Manufacturing Productivity With Intelligent Machines That Works Harmoniously with People


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OMRON Mobile Robots are the world’s smartest and most productive autonomous intelligent vehicles.

Designed to dramatically increase productivity in manufacturing and logistics operations, our mobile robots automate the most demanding yet repetitive 24/7 tasks. This drastically reduces manual labour work and allows your employees to be more efficient, focusing on higher-level tasks that requires more complex human skills.

No facility modifications are required, including laser beacons, floor magnets or tapes. The navigation is entirely based on the natural features of the facility and the robot can be set up within an hour.


The World’s Smartest &
Most Productive Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle


We Automate Demanding And Repetitive 24/7 Work
With A Fleet of Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles

With our years of innovation track record, we are able to produce a safe, intelligent and field-proven solution that delivered new levels of productivity and efficiency in the most demanding 24/7 operations. Focus your manpower on value-driven tasks that require critical thinking, while automating mundane and repetitive labour work with machines.

Intelligent Mapping & Navigation

Unlike other robots that can only follow a fix path, OMRON Mobile Robots can detect obstacles and choose the best path to complete a task, without having to wait for a path to clear.

Safe To Work Along People

Our mobile robots are fully safety compliant. They are equipped with on-board intelligence and sensors to avoid collision with humans.

Smart Fleet Management

OMRON Mobile Robots work collaboratively in a fleet. A central fleet manager provides traffic control for vehicle routing and optimized resource planning.


Achieving Endless Possibilities In Driving Productivity Gains

Today, OMRON is proud to have the largest installed base of Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles in manufacturing. Our mobile robots can be deployed in thousands of applications across multiple industries.

The New LD-250

Meet the latest addition to our LD series of autonomous mobile robots.

Key Features

  • 250 kg payload capacity
  • Same proven technology used in our LD series
  • Ability to withstand tough industrial environments
  • Perfect for small but heavy loads or lighter but bulky loads

Heavy Duty Transport

Meet the strongest member of our Mobile Robot

Key Features

  • 1,500 kg payload capacity.
  • Based on the same proven technology used in our LD series.
  • 360° safety coverage with LiDAR technology


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Leverage on our Robotics Expertise and Machine Automation Support from a unique and competent global team, located in more than 150 locations in 40 countries.

Give us a call and our friendly experts will be able to conduct a feasibility study to determine if mobile autonomous vehicles are right for your industrial application.

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