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Industrial Automation


How To Boost Packaging Machine Performance To Achieve Higher Productivity & Profitability

With the unprecedented pace in the packaging industry today, the slightest delay in your operational process means a drop in revenue—and more importantly, losing trust from failing to deliver on time.

It is therefore critical for your packaging machines to operate optimally in order to speed up production cycle and maximize profitability.

Industry trend

Faster Liquid Handling To Increase Production Throughput

In order to drive higher profitability, manufacturers and OEMs are looking to shorten production cycles which will in turn scale up production throughput. To do so, operators seek to ramp up their machine speed for liquid to be transported faster from one point to another in the production line for processing e.g. filling, measuring or sealing.

Key Operational Challenges Due To Fast Liquid Transfer

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Slow Machine Speed

Wait time is needed for liquid stabilization during transportation. However, increasing machine speed may cause spillage. This limits machine speed and results in slower production.

Boost machine efficiency with OMRON Vibration Suppression Technology and enjoy greater liquid transfer stability even at faster machine speed.

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Slow Liquid Stabilization

When the packaging contains liquid, transportation of the package induces a motion called sloshing. Sloshing negatively affect filling, sealing and measuring processes.

Learn how OMRON Vibration Suppression Technology shortens wait times by up to 20% for liquids to settle and stabilize.

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Frequent Liquid Spillage

Increasing machine speed to meet production demands can often lead to frequent spillage. This incurs unnecessary waste and cost for the company. Contamination issues may also arise from liquids mix ups and poor hygiene in the production floor.

Learn how we achieve zero spillage with OMRON Vibration Suppression Technology.

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