Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Easy On Site Calibration

To detect positions of workpieces carried on a conveyor and grip them with a robot hand, three different coordinate systems for the robot, conveyor, and vision must be aligned. With the FH Series, you can easily calibrate the entire system using a step-by-step wizard.

How To Calibrate

Image Capturing

From the Sysmac Studio you can print the Calibration Plate in various sizes, from 30 mm to 2,000 mm, according to the size of the conveyor or camera field of view.

Step 1

Start the Calibration Wizard from the Sysmac Studio, and capture the image of the Calibration Plate.

Step 2

Move the Calibration Plate into the tracking area, and let the robot touch the target mark to automatically obtain the robot coordinates.

Step 3

The FH Controller automatically calculates by using the data including the conveyor travel distance. Calibration between the robot and FH-series Vision System is completed.

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