Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

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Demand For Fast Changeover With Minimal Downtime

With a surge in demands for varied packaging, the need for efficient line changeovers has become a major priority. In order to meet market demands and stay competitive, manufacturers need to minimize downtime due to product changeovers so as to lower production cost.


Machine Downtime Due To Product Changeover

With conventional changeover procedures, changeover downtime may be a common occurrence as system settings need to be adjusted to accommodate new recipe requirements. The operator needs to manually make changes on format-specific parts, resulting in machine downtime and operations standstill.


Quick Recipe Changeover
OMRON Robotic Automation Solution offers the ability to easily switch between product packages, eliminating unnecessary downtime. For example, to switch product requirements from a variety pack to a singular color pack, the operator can simply use the recipe selection functionality via one-touch on OMRON NA HMI, as supported by the NJ controller.

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Fast & Easy Changeover With Minimal Downtime

OMRON Robotic Automation Solution can easily accommodate variations in product, increasing uptime and reducing waste.

For instance, when preparing a mixed variety pack, OMRON FH Vision system will first identify an assortment of products — including their orientation, aesthetic properties and location on a production line — and then communicate the data to a robot via NJ controller. Based on a pre-programmed recipe, OMRON parallel robot with multiple grippers will pick the correct products to make the proper assortment.

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Industry’s First Complete & Fully Integrated Robotics Automation Solution

If you’re involved in manufacturing or packaging, you know that implementing and maintaining a robotic automated solution is no small task. The complexity starts with using technologies from different vendors – You need a trusted system integration partner to integrate them into a single cohesive solution. This can get complicated, time-consuming and expensive during product changeover or when something goes wrong.

OMRON offers the industry’s first complete and fully integrated robotic automation solution. With OMRON single source solution, all components are designed to work together to maximise line efficiency in sortation and placement. Implementation and changeovers are faster, easier, and hassle-free than before.

Wish To Achieve 100% Accuracy And Repeatability In
Product Sortation & Placement For 24/7 Operations?

Wish To Achieve 100% Accuracy And Repeatability In Product Sortation & Placement For 24/7 Operations?