Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

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Demand For 100% Sortation & Placement Accuracy At Faster Production Speed

Material sorting and picking is a repetitive and highly labor intensive task. Manual handling errors can significantly slow down production speed and delivery. Therefore, it is increasingly important to automate this process, in order to achieve 100% accuracy in sortation & placement at faster speed.


Repetitive, Labor Intensive Tasks Due To Manual Intervention

Robotics in almost all walks of life are becoming a familiar aspect of society. Productivity, efficiency and hygiene can all be dramatically improved by the correct adoption of robotic solutions. OMRON Robotic Automation Solution is designed to address the following needs:

Our Business Values

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Increased Efficiency In Sortation & Placement

Robots can perform tasks in conditions that may be hazardous to human workers—they do not get fatigued from strenuous tasks, and are not affected by heat, dust, humidity or other challenging work environments.

With OMRON Robotic Automation Solution, it significantly increases the pick and place efficiency as it is capable of handling repetitive motion in a 24/7 operating environment with 100% repeatability, speed and accuracy. Employees can focus on higher value tasks that require critical thinking.

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No Competitive Offering Is USDA Certified

The only parallel robot on the market with four arms that provides flexibility of working on a larger operational area, Omron Quattro is the only parallel robot which is USDA certified. Constructed with materials that are safe for primary food handling (e.g. meat and poultry processing), it makes it more hygienically-advanced than any existing robots on the market.

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Industry’s First Complete & Fully Integrated Robotics Automation Solution

If you’re involved in manufacturing or packaging, you know that implementing and maintaining a robotic automated solution is no small task. The complexity starts with using technologies from different vendors – You need a trusted system integration partner to integrate them into a single cohesive solution. This can get complicated, time-consuming and expensive during product changeover or when something goes wrong.

OMRON offers the industry’s first complete and fully integrated robotic automation solution. With OMRON single source solution, all components are designed to work together to maximise line efficiency in sortation and placement. Implementation and changeovers are faster, easier, and hassle-free than before.

Wish To Achieve 100% Accuracy And Repeatability In
Product Sortation & Placement For 24/7 Operations?

Wish To Achieve 100% Accuracy And Repeatability In Product Sortation & Placement For 24/7 Operations?