Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Industry’s First Complete, Fully Integrated Robotic Automation Solution

If you’re involved in manufacturing or packaging, you know that implementing and maintaining a robotic automated solution is no small task. OMRON offers the industry’s first complete and fully integrated robotic automation solution for sortation and placement – it’s simple, intuitive and hassle-free.

A Single Cohesive Solution To Automate Your Line Efficiency

Integrating technologies from different vendors can get complicated, time-consuming and expensive when something goes wrong or during product changeover. With OMRON single source solution, all components are designed to work together to maximise line productivity and efficiency.
Key Highlights For OMRON Sortation & Placement Solution

FH Vision

Up To 8 Cameras For Multi-Lane Inspection & Sorting

With exceptionally efficient image handling characteristics, OMRON new vision system controller can support up to 8 high-resolution cameras, without compromising on performance or image capture speed.

This allows operators to handle even the most complex of inspection tasks and achieve operational efficiency.

NJ Controller

Scalable & Advanced Machine Controller To Handle Multiple Functionalities

OMRON NJ Controller is a scalable machine controller that can handles multiple functionalities. It controls all motion devices in the machine, including single axis, simple groups of axes and robot control, by providing independent or synchronized movements.

Capable of operating up to 8 robots within 2 msec, this system responds to the most demanding Pick & Place applications even at variable conveyor speed conditions. The latest control algorithms developed in the NJ reduce vibrations and ensure the smoothest TCP trajectories when handling the required products at higher throughput.

Parallel Robots

Fastest Pick & Place System With Up To 8 Parallel Robots

Building high performance Pick & Place machines becomes an easy job, thanks to the usability of the fully integrated Sysmac automation platform with integrated Vision and Robotics functionality.

Integrated with NJ Controller, operators can control up to 8 powerful parallel robots via a single controller. Operating at more than 200 cycle/min per robot, maximum throughput can be achieved in your Pick & Place applications, while ensuring full consistency in speed and accuracy.

Wish To Achieve 100% Accuracy And Repeatability In
Product Sortation & Placement For 24/7 Operations?

Wish To Achieve 100% Accuracy And Repeatability In Product Sortation & Placement For 24/7 Operations?